Green Apple by Pop Clouds E-Liquid

Pop Clouds E-Liquid

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Green Apple by Pop Clouds 

A powerfully sweet green apple sensation in the mouth! If you are in the market for a candy flavored E liquid you’ve stumbled upon a brand that knows a thing or two about creating these. Pop Clouds has been around for quite sometime now and is known by people across the globe for creating these crazy candy infused flavors. Once you inhale this E liquid your mouth will be overloaded with a crisp green apple flavor. This will definitely make your mouth water so be prepared!

Pop clouds

created its brand based off of the sweetly seductive and incredibly enticing pop rock candy flavors. Pop clouds are a one of a kind vape which no other brands can replicate. Their flavors have a very original and truly unique boldness to them which you will appreciate.

VG/PG: 70/30

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