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Solace Salts E juice is a unique salt e liquid brand that has made there way into the center of the nicotine salts discussion. Solace Salts E liquid comes in a variety of flavors which all come in a 5% (50mg) nicotine strength. Solace Salts Mango E liquid is the first and most popular flavor of the Solace Salts E Liquid line. Solace Salts Peach Rings E liquid is next in line as the best in the Solace Salts E Liquid line. Solace Salts Dragonthal E Juice is one tasty blend of sweet dragonfruit with an overtone of menthol. Solace Salts Dragonthal e liquid has gain its popularity in the Salt nicotine market due to the consistency of menthol and sweetness maintained to perfection. Solace Salts Strawberry Hard Candy is one of the very few strawberry hard candy salt nicotine e juices on the market. Solace Salts Strawberry Hard Candy is extremely sought after by high nicotine salt e juice and solace salt e Liquid lovers, because of its limited availability. Solace Salts Creamy Tobacco e juice is one of the only nicotine salt e juices that totes a creamy tobacco flavor. Solace Salts Creamy Tobacco is also unique because of its rich and lavish flavor notes Tobacco and cream. Solace Salts Red Hot e juice is another addition to the Solace Salts e juice family. Solace Salts Red Hot E juice is like a sweet and spicy red hot tamales candy. Solace Salts Mint e liquid is also a menthol type flavor that is in the Solace Salts E liquid collection. Solace Salts Peach Rings e liquid is flavored with luscious taste of gummy Peach Rings candy. Solace Salts e juice Peach Rings will be your next favorite salt e juice. Solace Salts is easily one of the best salt nicotine e liquid juices because of the variety of amazing flavors they offer. 

VG/PG: 50/50

Solace Salts are NOT MEANT FOR DRIPPING ATOMIZERS OR SUB-OHM TANKS. These flavors are HIGH IN NICOTINE and meant ONLY for mouth-to-lung devices.

 Flavor profile: Mint


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