Sweedish Fish By Candy King

Candy King

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Candy King is the brand of choice when it comes to trying any E Juice that is inspired by candy flavors. Once you start inhaling you will receive a sweet cherry flavor similar to those red gummies everyone has come to love and enjoy. As you exhale you will still taste some cherry notes but it will be much lighter along with some sugary notes as well. This is one of Candy King’s 5 candy inspired E Juices and it certainly is one of our favorites here at Vape Bums.

VG/PG: 80/20

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Candy King is the master line of sweet and sour candy gummy vapes. This is the holy grail of all candy ejuice lines and encompasses all palatable notes and variations of sweet and sour. This is so good it’ll have you brushing your teeth thinking you’re going to get cavities.

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