The Downside by The Schwartz

The Schwartz

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The Downside by The Schwartz is a lusciously thick and soothing vape consisting of the primary flavor notes of blueberry Greek yogurt. Now this Downside Greek yogurt is a bit thicker than the regular yogurt found in his sister The Upside. If you haven't tried a yogurt vape than we suggest this as a good pick because it is so smooth and rich you will surely enjoy. The Downside by The Schwartz is a full fledged blueberry yogurt orgasm in your mouth. We can not get enough of this line of E juice by The Schwartz. Oh and by the way, The Schwartz also makes the famous and well renowned naked 100 series. This brand is no joke, premium e juice straight from the bottle.

60/40 VG/PG 

The Schwartz is a premium brand within the e juice industry as they have managed to continue to infuse their passion and expertise in crafting some of the world's more profoundly renowned e juice! The Schwartz are the geniuses behind the OG Naked 100 series that is loved across the country and in other countries as well. The Schwartz are of the smartest e liquid manufacturers in the industry and we are blessed to be able to bring you their top shelf quality e juice. There is no going wrong with any of their brands, they are a testament of hard work and a passion for creating connoisseur grade E juice.

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