The Razz Chilled by Dr. Shugar Chitz

Dr. Sugar Chitz


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The Razz Chilled By Dr. Shugar Chitz is another addition to the chilled blend of candy treats that Dr. Shugar Chitz has brought to us. This menthol blend mixes a sweet red raspberry with sheer cold and smoothness of putting your favorite drink ON ICE. Make no mistake this is a full menthol vape with an overtone of sweet raspberry. Be prepared to hit this raspberry on ice! 

Dr. Shugar Chitz was created by a scientist in a laboratory involving bringing candy and fruit to life. Dr. Shugar Chitz crossed the DNA of a talking candy drop with sweet fruit flavor. What this created was the little Shugra Chitz you see you on each box. These happy and sweet creatures are what is in every bottle of Dr. Shugar Chitz. Be prepared to vape candy. 

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