The Shocker By Cosmic Fog Vapors

Cosmic Fog Vapors


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This e juice is a very shocking blast of citrus lemon limeade. This is a very exciting vape and your face will feel the the waves of citrus engulfing you with each and every hit. The Shocker is a definitive masterpiece by Cosmic Fog Vapors E Juice and one that will have your lips puckering.

VG/PG: 70/30

Cosmic Fog Vapors is an amazing brand and also one of the OG brands that has a knack for understanding what it takes to create a truly full spectrum vape. The flavor profiles Cosmic Fog Vapors E juice puts together are very intricate when fully analyzing all aspects of the e liquids. We can really tell that they have put some sincere thought and expertise into the formulation of their premium e juice brand.

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